Peter Zhegin is here.

I’ve studied history in Moscow 🇷🇺 and management in Leeds 🇬🇧. I also taught history to gifted children at a music school, dropped out of a PhD in Education programme, and worked on strategic projects at Ozon, a $6.2B scale-up. Since 2016, I invest in tech as a London-based venture capital/angel investor (Twitter/LinkedIn).

I've primarily invested in the internet platforms (Zesty, JobToday, etc.), frontier tech & the data stack (FiveAI, CoMind, QuestDB, etc.). More about my angel investing is here.

I nerd-out about the history of technology, tech platforms, and brain-computer interfaces/neurotech. Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are the ultimate platform humanity is about to build. Due to personal circumstances and meditation, I've become interested in neuroscience and neurotechnology as I've tried to understand how it works and how technologies could augment it.

I have followed developments of neural interfaces since 2019 when I published my first BCI landscape. This landscape and others are aggregated here.

I publish a monthly neurotech newsletter (aka 'astrocyte*') and occasionally post my notes on the sector and other frontier tech.

Here, I aggregate some bits and pieces that were published elsewhere. Earlier, my writing was published by the WSJ, VentureBeat, and Forbes.

You could find me smashed on mats at the Roger Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy HQ when I'm not investing or writing.